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AI Lesko CEO of Best Bet Franchise

Hey, I’m Al Lesko,

Founder and CEO of Best Bet Franchise.

Before becoming an entrepreneur in 2008, I’d worked for just about every kind of business owner–from small independents to Mom & Pop Shops to giant corporations.

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My career, as engaging and interesting as it was, had brought my life to a standstill. Stuck with a set-in-stone schedule and without the ability to choose who I’d like to work with, I was trapped in an industry and a career that was not rewarding.

“Pay was capped. Job security was an illusion. Free time was rare. Regulations halted forward progress. Traveling was for work–and work alone.”

Now that I’m a business owner, I have complete control over my freedom, my lifestyle, and my finances. I no longer have to wait for a higher-ups approval to do something beneficial to the company. I can go on vacation where I like–whenever I wish. Best of all, I get to work alongside clients that I believe in.

I founded Best Bet Franchise to give future entrepreneurs, like you, the most immersive and educational new business ownership support available in America. We not only pinpoint the right business opportunity for you, we become your personal detective, vetting, verifying, and researching every aspect of the new business or franchise you’re considering taking over.

Now that you know about my passion, why don’t you tell me about yours?

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Best Bet Franchise Consultants provide a FREE Franchise Consultation service to help you identify the best franchise business to meet your business ownership dreams. Whether you are looking for minimal employees or low initial investment requirements, our consultation service will help guide you to the right franchise fit for you.

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