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Franchise Investing

Why Franchise investment?

Gain access to a strong foundation

Regardless of your past experience, a Franchise offers a solid base that allows investors to quickly start and expect customers from day one. Therefore, you don’t have to focus on managing the business, instead focus on the franchise opportunity that inspires you.

Instant brand recognition

If you want to edge out the hassle of building a customer base for your new business, there’s no better way than to invest in a franchise. Franchises are offered by established brands, hence you can gain an instant credibility in the marketplace so you eliminate the tasks of building your business from the scratch.

Ready-made storefront

Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in blocking a location and building a store, a franchise investment will automatically eliminate the set-up cost and secure your hard-earned capital for activities to generate more business.

Experienced employees to work with

Starting a business of your own will require dedicated staff to manage your day-to-day activities. Purchasing a franchise, you get an access to experienced staff who will perform proven methodologies and work practices for improved productivity and store performance.

Initial training and support

With specific standards followed brands you don’t have to worry about not meeting their expectations. Franchisors ensure a detailed training program which makes it easy to gain in-depth knowledge and run your franchise confidently.

Quick revenue generation

Purchasing a franchise you automatically get an access to a brand name that has been into business for a while. This means the chances of potential audience entering your franchise store improves than diverting traffic for your own brand.

Demographic Research

Finding the right location to open your business is very important. Top performing franchises know this. They use mapping software and technology to find the correct areas nearest to the potential client base. Many help with the lease negotiations and obtain concessions from the commercial property owners.

Build to grow successfully

As a franchise owner, you will gain access to the proven recipe for “success”- this includes your franchise business model, and management system allowing you to perform and attract multiple new opportunities with time.

Franchise Consultants are an integral part of your business development team will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

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Why choose Best Bet Franchise?

Free Franchise Consultation

With multiple Franchise opportunities available it can be confusing for you to access information about which brand can be best for you depending on your budget, experience, and personality?

Best Bet franchise can be your one stop solution for all your franchise needs. Easily access details about high-budget, popular, medium-budget and low-cost franchise to eliminate the risk of wrong investments.

Free Funding Consultation

Even you have sufficient amount of capital in hand, it always suggested to consult a Franchise agency that also provides knowledge of funding options to make the best use out of your investments.

Whether you are looking for small business administration loan, funding from private banks, Individual 401 (k) Self Directed plan, non-IRA investments and even unsecured line of credits- Best Bet Franchise can be an ideal to manage the most crucial part of a franchise investment program (accumulating capital for your franchise business opportunity) for an ongoing success.

Franchise Strategizing

Purchasing a Franchise will automatically give you an access to ready-made storefronts, experienced employees, and most of them even provide marketing solutions too. This surely reduces the initial efforts required to open and start a business of your own. However, with competitors in the same area, you unique selling strategy will determine the success of your franchise business.

Get a chance to work with the best franchise consultants who regularly keep a track of the latest technologies that are used to perform the bestselling strategies and proven methodologies for running a successful franchise business.

Franchise CRM and ongoing support

The key benefit of Franchise investment is the access to an already established brand name which will automatically attract the audience to visit your store for purchasing their favorite products. But, unable to provide a good experience even to a single customer can spread a bad word-of-mouth for your franchise.

Best Bet Franchise offers a team of marketing experts who are experienced in mapping store behavior, connecting with potential opportunities and even integrating modern tools to maximize the productivity for each of your franchise stores with time.

Franchise web design and optimization

Whether you are looking to invest in a popular brand or want to explore the low-cost franchise investment opportunities, having an online presence (website) can open new opportunities to successfully run and grow your franchise business.

At Best Bet Franchise you can hire experienced web developers who are currently assisting multiple business owners to create websites for targeting local, as well as, international audience. Apart from enhancing your offline store, get an opportunity to create an excellent online presence too.

Franchise content marketing support

With increasing competition among business owners across the globe, having a website (mobile-optimized) can help you make your franchise business even more visible.

Adopting Best Bet Franchise consultation service, you can select a dedicated content writer and SEO specialist to brainstorm innovative online selling strategies and continuously perform the best online ones to match your potential audience requirements.

Franchise social media promotion

Social media being the most important platform for reaching the target audience- making your franchise information present on it can be an advantage.

Accommodating a team of certified digital marketing experts, you can ensure regular updates/posts about your products and sales offers over popular social media platforms and improve the brand image for your franchise outlets.

Franchise mentoring

With the increase in sales opportunities at your franchise store, it becomes important you are able to track performance. Not knowing the impact of your sales- you’ll be leaving hundreds and thousands of dollar on the table that knock your doors.

With Best Bet Franchise, you don’t need to worry about optimizing your store performance with time. From a team of experienced marketing experts, easily select a dedicated one for you who will not only keep a constant track on your franchise store performance but also offer detailed reports to understand the areas that are doing good and the ones that need to be worked upon.

Franchise industry opportunities that we serve

  • Automotive Franchises
  • Coffee shop Franchises
  • Fitness Franchises
  • Senior care Franchises
  • Pet Franchises
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • Sports Franchises
  • Beauty Franchises
  • Consultant and Business Brokers Franchises
  • Food Franchises
  • Home Service Franchises
  • Printer, Copying & Sign service Franchises
  • Retail Franchises
  • Travel Franchises
  • Cleaning Franchises
  • Entertainment Franchises
  • Healthcare franchises
  • Mailing and Shipping service Franchises
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Security Franchises

Our Franchise special services

Franchise assessment

We understand with multiple options available, you may have multiple thoughts about the decision of investing in a franchise.

With hands on experience in multiple franchise industry types- the consultant at Best Bet Franchise will conduct thorough research on your franchise requirements and offer alternate solutions to encourage you to invest in the one that you might be waiting to start for a long time now.

International franchising

Thinking to run a franchise in the international markets can reduce dependency on the domestic market and improve new profit making opportunities worldwide.

Extending the idea of your business interests globally through franchising may involve fewer risks and minimal capital. However, the missing on submissions of required paperwork may delay your idea and in worst cases, lose you interest for going international.

This is where our experienced franchise consultants will allow you to fill the gap!

Purchase an existing Franchise

There can many reasons for business owners to wind up their existing franchise, however, it can always be an opportunity for another investor.

Gain in-depth knowledge about its discontinuity and details to transfer documentations required before you make your franchise decision.

Real Estate Franchise

Real estate franchising has come a long way beyond buying and selling of properties. Service of property management, movers, house decoration, and house inspectors are some of the real estate opportunities to boost revenue for your franchise business.

About Franchise documentations

Whether you are looking to purchase a new franchise or an existing franchise- it will require specific legal documentation, coordination, and registration. The experts at Best Bet Franchise make it easy for investors to accumulate and process all necessary legal documentation that includes:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Franchise Registrations
  • Additional Legal Documentation
  • Franchise Disclosure Documentation
  • Business Opportunity Fillings

Franchise Consultants are an integral part of your business development team will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

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About the Franchise Disclosure Document

The most important document offered by the Franchisor to the Franchise in the pre-sales disclosure process while applying for a franchise in the United States.

List of information that a Franchise Disclosure Document should include:

  • Details about the Franchisor
  • About the Franchisor’s business background
  • Litigation history
  • Bankruptcy details
  • Initial franchise cost
  • Ongoing costs (training and advertising)
  • Sources restrictions (supplier, goods, and territory)
  • Obligation of the franchise (renewal, termination, transfer, dispute resolution)
  • Trademark, patent, copyright and proprietary information
  • Franchisor’s financial performance report (Sales or earnings)*

Please note: * Franchisor’s financial performance report can be misleading, which means they may not disclose information about their potential sales or earnings.

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Happy Clients

Our Clients Comments

Our experience with dear Al and his staff was wonderful. We were directed to a business with our profile and availability, Al’s team gave us all the support we needed to evaluate the best option for us and provided us with a lot of information to make our decision. From the mapping of our profile, the franchise options within the mapping carried out, the negotiation support with the franchisor until the closing of the business, Al’s team handled it all. And everything occurred in an effective and gratifying way without any doubts along the way. Al’s team is very professional and prepared! I just have to thank you for all the support and support to reach our goals and now for the friendship that we have built! You’re the best at what you do! Congratulations Al, Alycin and Kathryn!”

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“In 2014 I was looking for a new business. I am from Brazil and was looking to move to the U.S., so after a long search I found Al Lesko. Al understood our needs and provided accurate information for us to evaluate. We also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Alycin Taft, who works with Al. They were bothvery good to work with, provided quick answers and all the information we required to make such an important decision! After we decided to buy our franchise, they continued to help us a LOT with different issues like immigration service demands. I am pretty sure we would not be here without such great help. If you are looking to change your professional life – no matter which business – I guarantee Al and his team will find the right fit for you.”

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