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Franchise Funding Services

What is Franchise funding service?

Whether you have sufficient capital or looking to connect with financial institutions to arrange money for your franchise investment- a franchise funding service will first understand your franchise requirements and assist you with proven solutions to ensure a successful franchise growth with time.

Irrelevant to the size of your franchise selection- get a free access to multiple franchise investment solutions to make a better-informed decision and use your hard-earned money wisely.

Types of Franchise funding service


Irrelevant to your credit score, you get a chance to gather finance without showing your asset as a collateral. This type of credit line can also be improved based on the possibility of your future capital expansion.

401(K) IRA Rollover

Easily get a tax exemption over your savings schemes that can include (401(K), 403(b), and IRC 457 (b)) with your former employer’s workplace by using it for your franchise investment.

Self-Directed 401(K)

Similar to a credit card, this line of credit will allow business owners to their retirement investments approved by the IRA and 401(K).

SBA Loans

Beneficial to start-ups and small business, this line of credit is available in multiple formats (general small business loans, micro plan program, and special types of 7(a) loan) to fit and match your unique franchise funding needs.

Franchise Funding service opportunities

  • Purchase a new franchise
  • Purchase an existing franchise
  • Business format franchises
  • Product franchises
  • Manufacturing franchises
  • Real-estate franchises

Franchise Consultants are an integral part of your business development team will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

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What is the cost for a Franchise funding consultation?

There is no cost for a Franchise funding consultation at Best Bet Franchise. Instead, our franchise experts who have already worked with popular financing sources also make it easy to strategize and adapt all-in-one franchise solution (from strategizing, collecting funds, preparing documentation, to purchasing a franchise) under one roof.

Does the Franchisor provide funding?

Yes, but not all! And, franchisor’s funding service is mostly limited to the costs to create (building a store) and manage (employees, and daily operation costs) their franchise store.

The details of a Franchisor funding contribution will be mentioned in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Documentation) – a form that will provided before you agree to purchase the franchise.

Why Best Bet for Franchise funding service?

  • Free strategizing for popular and proven funding solutions
  • Franchise new purchase initial capital
  • Franchise management capital
  • Franchise development capital
  • Franchise business expansion and acquisition capital
  • Franchise equipment upgrades capital
  • Franchise expansion capital

Franchise Consultants are an integral part of your business development team will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

Call Us Today At: 541.830.0007

Why choose us?

  • One-stop solution for all industry-type franchise purchasing, maintenance, and expansion needs
  • Real-time Franchise project management capability
  • Experience Franchise consultants to gather correct documentations and perform successful submissions
  • U.S.A Visa interview preparation
  • Manage family member’s U.S.A. Visa application requests
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Happy Clients

Our Clients Comments

Our experience with dear Al and his staff was wonderful. We were directed to a business with our profile and availability, Al’s team gave us all the support we needed to evaluate the best option for us and provided us with a lot of information to make our decision. From the mapping of our profile, the franchise options within the mapping carried out, the negotiation support with the franchisor until the closing of the business, Al’s team handled it all. And everything occurred in an effective and gratifying way without any doubts along the way. Al’s team is very professional and prepared! I just have to thank you for all the support and support to reach our goals and now for the friendship that we have built! You’re the best at what you do! Congratulations Al, Alycin and Kathryn!”

Client 5


“In 2014 I was looking for a new business. I am from Brazil and was looking to move to the U.S., so after a long search I found Al Lesko. Al understood our needs and provided accurate information for us to evaluate. We also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Alycin Taft, who works with Al. They were bothvery good to work with, provided quick answers and all the information we required to make such an important decision! After we decided to buy our franchise, they continued to help us a LOT with different issues like immigration service demands. I am pretty sure we would not be here without such great help. If you are looking to change your professional life – no matter which business – I guarantee Al and his team will find the right fit for you.”

Client 4


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