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10 Things You Need to Know About the E2 Investor Visa in 2017


With the coming of a new administration in the United States, immigration policies have been tightened. In turn making those who are willing to immigrate to the United States to visit, study or work find it difficult. Unbeknown to many there is a visa known as the E-2 investor visa. With this kind of visa, one can easily qualify to enter the United States. Here we examine what the E2 visa program is.

What is the E2 investor visa?

This is a visa program brought by the United States government that allows foreign nationals that are from countries that have a treaty with them to enter the United States. They are given a visa known as E2 investor visa. It is issued as long as they are coming to start a business or acquiring one. The visa is usually eligible as long as the enterprise is running and can be renewed indefinitely.


To qualify for this type of visa here are ten things you need to know about the visa in 2017.

  1. The applicant must come from a treaty nation – The US has agreements with some nations. That agreement is for commerce and navigation. Nationalities from those countries are the only ones eligible to apply for the E2 investor visa. Proof that you are from the nation is required, nationalities holding dual citizenship are also eligible, and the proof of residence is also required.
  2. The amount to invest is substantial – Although there is no hard or fast rule for the amount that one qualifies to invest. The basic rule of thumb is to invest more than $100,000.Investing anything less than these amounts will more likely generate a refusal.

Investing in the amount above one is encouraged to invest 100%.If one has more funds to invest the better. The investor can also show that he is buying an already existing business with more than 50% shareholdings.

The amount invested must not be generated from a criminal activity nor the profits be used to fund any criminal activity.

The amount invested should be used to purchase an already running business or establishing a new business.

  1. The amount invested is not marginal – The applicant will need to convince the visa consulate that the amount invested is not marginal meaning that the amount should be able to support the business and your family if there is one. The business should be able to generate income that again supports the business itself and your family.
  2. Proof of registration -To get the visa not only do you require to show the substantial amount of money that you are willing to invest but also proof of business registration in the United States also required.

You will be required to show that the business is already in existence or a significant sum of money has already been wired to the firm.

  1. Active in the business – The investor will be active in the business he will be investing in developing and managing the business. He must not only invest and allow other people to run his business his active participation is required.
  2. Employment – Since the business will be in the United States, it will be prudent that an investor shows that they are going to employ US nationals in the near future after opening the enterprise.

Other staff not from the US must emanate from the same treaty country of origin as the investor; they can also be given the E2 visa.

To qualify they must show that they will work in supervisory or managerial capacities and are highly skilled and are an absolute necessity to the venture have other workers that can be given an E2 visa are highly skilled and specialty workers that can only work in the enterprise. The same workers cannot be found in the US.

The holder of the E-2 visa can only work for the enterprise they have been employed for and not on any other business.

Form to fill

  1. Termination and Extensions -The E2 visa holders should show the willingness to leave US after the termination of their E2 status.The E2 visa holder can extend the visa status as long as the enterprise is operating in the US. The visa is usually issued for two years while the extension is for two years.
  2. Dependants -Valid holders of the E2 visa can bring their spouses and children who are unmarried and under 21 years old. The children and spouses can study in the US while remaining as E2 dependents. When the children reach the age 21 years, they are no longer eligible. They can, however, apply for another status. The children are not allowed to work while spouses can ask for work authorization from the USCIS.
  3. Leaving and residency -The E 2 visa holders are not pegged down to live within the United States during the period the visa is enforcing, they can leave and come back as they desire.
  4. Cap-While the other type of visa may have a number cap, this type of visa does not have a cap on the number of persons who can be allowed in a particular year, because of this the numbers have risen significantly in the recent years.


This type of visa is known as non-migrant visa meaning that the holder of the visa is not migrating to the United States permanently. But only allowed to stay to run his/her enterprise the visa may be extended as long as the enterprise is running and generating substantial income. Once the enterprise folds the E2 visa is usually not renewed.

A visa issuance fee is usually required this is in addition to the usual visa application fee. Processing of the visa after the required documents have been lodged at the embassy or consulate takes 4-6 weeks.

Going to the United States is a dream for many. With the above information, it is entirely possible to enter the United States together with your family as an investor or as a highly qualified skilled worker in your field of expertise as an E2 visa holder.

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