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Thinking of a Franchise, do you qualify for an E-2 Visa?


Hey, are you working for a business that has a trade relationship with the United States? Then, I’m sure your company is enjoying the benefits of earning in dollars and offering you a good income.

However, did you ever think of planning to take a step further; start a business of you own in the United States? And, with Franchise investment being one of the hottest topics in the US, why not make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Working or owning a company that has a direct connection with the US, you automatically qualify in applying for an “E-2 Visa,” which is also known as “E-2 Treaty Investor Visa” and “Investor Visa.”

What investors need to know about E-2 visa?


E-2 visa is not something new, however for those who are not known to it you can take the benefit of it to start a business and increase chances of becoming a U.S. citizen.

An ideal option for start-ups, and big investors- an E-2 Visa which has to be renewed every two or more (depending on country and origin); can allow you perform your entrepreneurial dream in the United States for the rest of your life.

Eligibility for E-2 visa

– If you must be a citizen of the treaty countries.

– If you are owning 50% of your existing the business in the treaty country.

– If you have sufficient investment in hand to run and manage your new business/franchise.

– If you ascertain your business will generate more income than simply earning income for you and your family.

– If you have the skill to develop and run the business/franchise.

Steps to apply for an E-2 visa


1- Fill the application

  • Complete the nonimmigration Form DS-160
  • Upload your picture

2-Schedule your interview

  • Grab your appointment time

3- Prepare yourself for the interview

  • Pay application fee (Issuance fee)

4- Gather your documents

  • Passport
  • Nonimmigration Form DS- 160 confirmation page
  • Application fee receipt statement
  • If failure in uploading photo it is recommended to carry one as per photo size requirements
  • Nonimmigrant Treaty Trade/Investor visa application
  • For additional documents and requirements visit the website please visit https://www.usembassy.gov/, from where you will apply for the Visa.

5- Attend the Visa Interview

6- Enter the United States

Key benefits of E-2 Visa for franchise investments

– Get a chance to own a franchise from popular brands that include McDonald’s and Burger King.

– No eligibility on the initial investment, as long as, you can run and manage the franchise.

– Can invite friends and family on the basis of E-2 dependent visa.

Children invite your children under 21, as well as, they can enrol for the school of their choice.

Closing paragraph

Considered to be one of the most beneficial visa applications for entering The United States, E-2 Visa can surely encourage more and more aspiring investors from across the globe to invest and grow their business/franchise smoothly.

Happy Immigration!!


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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