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A paradigm shift

A paradigm shift happens when we start to see reality from a different point of view. I hear often that perception is reality. Our fears, habits and preconceived ideas shape our beliefs and the way we see the world.

If you are or have been part of the corporate world, you might have been lured in believing that having a corporate job is the safest option, maybe the only option for you. After all, it seems safe to receive a paycheck at the end of the pay period, doesn’t it ? What if I told you that the good corporate jobs are gone and that you are not that safe anymore ?

I was there myself a while ago. A couple of articles really hit home for me. The first one is from James Altucher. He begins the article with one of his experiences. I felt that way many times. I happened to read this article one night that I had “another episode” at my corporate job. It hit me spot on. I had been looking for another job for a while and realized that if I persisted in that direction, I would change jobs and just go into circles. Over and over again. Because the root cause of the issue for me is that my career in corporate America was over. I simply lost any interest in it. So, James Altucher is the one that helped me make the decision to go into business for myself. I hope it can help you get there as well. Besides, he is entertaining and writes much better than I.

The second one I came across this week on Linkedin. This is from Cory Galbraith. It is pretty brutal to be honest, but there is a silver lining. So if you are in the situation where you lost your job from corporate America, don’t fret. You can regain control. And losing your job is probably the best thing that could happen to you.

Because now you have the opportunity to see things differently and experience the paradigm shift. What if you were meant to go into business for yourself ? There are many opportunities out there and franchises are a safer bet.

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