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Life beyond H-1B: Try L1 or EB5 visa Instead

Life beyond H-1B: Try L1 or EB5 visa Instead
Written by admin on August 29, 2017
April 8, 2017, may have served most Indians the unwelcome news on job visa application to the U.S. when the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released the information about a temporary suspension of the H-1B visa applications. Experts have strongly advised that there are similar options to gain admissions into the United States as an employee.

Reports reveal that the visa suspension mostly affected the Indian population as H-1B petition records reveal that Indians are responsible for about 70% of the total revenue received in recent years by the USCIS.

While some had expected a U-turn on the H-1B visa suspension by the USCIS, the temporary status was officially upheld 15 days later when President Trump signed an executive order in a campaign for “Buy American, Hire American” policy, pending a proper scrutiny and revamp on the H-1B visa entry scheme.

What is H-1B visa?

H-1B visa is a work entry admission into the United States based on employment given by a company in the United States. H-1B visa is issued to temporary workers and categorized as a nonimmigrant visa according to section 101(a) (17) (H) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act. This law permits companies in the United States to employ workers in some vacancies from foreign countries.

In processing or applying for H-1B visa, the employing company sponsors all expenses required to bring the employee to the United States, among other obligations while the worker is in the United States.

The H-1B visa permits multiple entries while also allows the employee to remain in the U.S. for a period of 3 years, which can be extended up to 6 years, i.e., extra three years, so long as the person remains employed by the sponsored company or another in the US.

Breakthroughs with H-1B

Over the years, this mode of entry (H-1B visa) into the U.S. has helped many professionals in India to experience a wider practical experience, if not giving them the quality of employment they never had.

Reports have it that petitions for H-1B visa continued to increase over the years, reducing the chances of eligible applicants for the visa, while also forcing an increase in the number of H-1B visas. This scenario of petition volume against approvable quota forced a lottery scheme on qualified applicants in a bid not to exceed the number of available H-1B visas.

Sequel to the H-1B suspension, most Indian workers who need H-1B visa thought that the dreams to extend their expertise into a different market, perhaps, more challenging one is ruined or equally suspended. This thought or mindset is not the case. Experts are vigorously saying that other options for nonimmigrant entry into the United States with work permit – the L1 or EB-5 visa.

Substituting L1 or EB-5 visas for H-1B visa

L1 visa is a work entry admission into the U.S. that facilitates the transfer of a foreign worker within a company to the U.S. branch for thecontinuation of his/her employment by the same office. This visa only supports employees with specialized knowledge, managerial or executive role.

On the other hand, an EB-5 visa is an employment-based entry visa where the applicant is offered the eligibility to become lawful permanent residents of the United States. The EB-5 requires the applicant to invest a certain amount (at least $1,000,000) into a business in the U.S. And the proposed business for EB-5 visas will employ at least 10 Americans in a targeted employment area (TEA).

With the availability of L1 and EB-5 visas, workers in India can continue with their quest which can be achieved with the H-1B visa. This goal is possible by a closer look at the similar advantages and requirements of the different visas serving as the alternative.

Comparing the H-1B, L1 and EB-5 visa

H-1B visa L1 Visa EB-5 Visa
Educational qualification required Must have at least a Bachelor’s degree, or higher. No educational degree is required. Rather a specialized knowledge as alleged by the petitioning company. No educational degree is required.
Employer Eligibility Any United States based Company. An employee may also be in any positionor a new employee. Only multinational companies are qualified for this application. And the alien to be transferred must be currently employed by the company for not less than one (1) year. The applicant is the investor and may require information about his/her locally existing company.
Labor Condition H-1B visa holders are required to apply for Labor condition before they are permitted to work. This, however, calls for additional fund and hassle. L1 visa holders do not need to apply for labor condition. Not applicable for EB-5.
Employment for spouse and family members Spouse and descendants are required to get approval from USCIS. L2 visa holders (spouse) have the ability to acquire Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) instantly. Not applicable.
Duration of Stay Threeyears and extendable to 6 years. Seven years for L1-A and five years for L1-B. No limited duration provided the proposed investment is completed.

Extension and application for permanent residence

Most workers from India in the U.S. are so much concerned about the possibilities of extending their stay at the end of their eligible years. And a good number of them end up filing for a permanent residence “green card.”

Though, nonimmigrant workers with pending petitions for a permanent residence are eligible to remain in the U.S. as long as their appeal is waiting for approval. However, this regular demand by non-immigrants does not affect the USCIS’s basis for H-1B visas. And this same condition applies to applicants for L1 visas.

An EB-5 visa extension can only be required when the alien still need time to initiate his/her investment. Though, permanent residency is issued once the investment is completed.

For H-1B, visa duration may be extended for another three (3) years at the end of the first visa period. After which the applicant will not be eligible for a further extension. But permanent residency would be welcomed. And for L1 visas, applicants can only qualify for another L1 visa if they travel abroad and spend at least one (1) year working with the company. Though, the person is eligible to file for permanent residence if he/she so desires.

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10 Things You Need to Know About the E2 Investor Visa in 2017

Written by admin on August 28, 2017


With the coming of a new administration in the United States, immigration policies have been tightened. In turn making those who are willing to immigrate to the United States to visit, study or work find it difficult. Unbeknown to many there is a visa known as the E-2 investor visa. With this kind of visa, one can easily qualify to enter the United States. Here we examine what the E2 visa program is.

What is the E2 investor visa?

This is a visa program brought by the United States government that allows foreign nationals that are from countries that have a treaty with them to enter the United States. They are given a visa known as E2 investor visa. It is issued as long as they are coming to start a business or acquiring one. The visa is usually eligible as long as the enterprise is running and can be renewed indefinitely.


To qualify for this type of visa here are ten things you need to know about the visa in 2017.

  1. The applicant must come from a treaty nation – The US has agreements with some nations. That agreement is for commerce and navigation. Nationalities from those countries are the only ones eligible to apply for the E2 investor visa. Proof that you are from the nation is required, nationalities holding dual citizenship are also eligible, and the proof of residence is also required.
  2. The amount to invest is substantial – Although there is no hard or fast rule for the amount that one qualifies to invest. The basic rule of thumb is to invest more than $100,000.Investing anything less than these amounts will more likely generate a refusal.

Investing in the amount above one is encouraged to invest 100%.If one has more funds to invest the better. The investor can also show that he is buying an already existing business with more than 50% shareholdings.

The amount invested must not be generated from a criminal activity nor the profits be used to fund any criminal activity.

The amount invested should be used to purchase an already running business or establishing a new business.

  1. The amount invested is not marginal – The applicant will need to convince the visa consulate that the amount invested is not marginal meaning that the amount should be able to support the business and your family if there is one. The business should be able to generate income that again supports the business itself and your family.
  2. Proof of registration -To get the visa not only do you require to show the substantial amount of money that you are willing to invest but also proof of business registration in the United States also required.

You will be required to show that the business is already in existence or a significant sum of money has already been wired to the firm.

  1. Active in the business – The investor will be active in the business he will be investing in developing and managing the business. He must not only invest and allow other people to run his business his active participation is required.
  2. Employment – Since the business will be in the United States, it will be prudent that an investor shows that they are going to employ US nationals in the near future after opening the enterprise.

Other staff not from the US must emanate from the same treaty country of origin as the investor; they can also be given the E2 visa.

To qualify they must show that they will work in supervisory or managerial capacities and are highly skilled and are an absolute necessity to the venture have other workers that can be given an E2 visa are highly skilled and specialty workers that can only work in the enterprise. The same workers cannot be found in the US.

The holder of the E-2 visa can only work for the enterprise they have been employed for and not on any other business.

Form to fill

  1. Termination and Extensions -The E2 visa holders should show the willingness to leave US after the termination of their E2 status.The E2 visa holder can extend the visa status as long as the enterprise is operating in the US. The visa is usually issued for two years while the extension is for two years.
  2. Dependants -Valid holders of the E2 visa can bring their spouses and children who are unmarried and under 21 years old. The children and spouses can study in the US while remaining as E2 dependents. When the children reach the age 21 years, they are no longer eligible. They can, however, apply for another status. The children are not allowed to work while spouses can ask for work authorization from the USCIS.
  3. Leaving and residency -The E 2 visa holders are not pegged down to live within the United States during the period the visa is enforcing, they can leave and come back as they desire.
  4. Cap-While the other type of visa may have a number cap, this type of visa does not have a cap on the number of persons who can be allowed in a particular year, because of this the numbers have risen significantly in the recent years.


This type of visa is known as non-migrant visa meaning that the holder of the visa is not migrating to the United States permanently. But only allowed to stay to run his/her enterprise the visa may be extended as long as the enterprise is running and generating substantial income. Once the enterprise folds the E2 visa is usually not renewed.

A visa issuance fee is usually required this is in addition to the usual visa application fee. Processing of the visa after the required documents have been lodged at the embassy or consulate takes 4-6 weeks.

Going to the United States is a dream for many. With the above information, it is entirely possible to enter the United States together with your family as an investor or as a highly qualified skilled worker in your field of expertise as an E2 visa holder.

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20 Most Profitable Franchises To Buy in 2017

Written by admin on August 22, 2017

When I hear the word Franchise, the first thing that comes up in my mind is McDonald’s because of its success story spread across the globe.

Are you still confused about your Franchise decision? I’m sure with so many franchise investments opportunities available in the United States, it will become easy for you to take better decisions by having an access to a list of franchise investment plans that are popular, new and cost-effective.

To avoid the hassle of browsing through multiple sites or depending on mixed opinions, I decided to come up with a list of franchise investment opportunities targeting multiple industries to best match your interests and budgets with time.

List of High franchise investment opportunities ($100,000-$5,000,000)



Number of Outlets : 6500

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $2,000,000

Franchise category : Restaurant

Why Wendy’s for your Franchise investment?

If food is your business, then Wendy’s can be an ideal option for your franchise investment that will allow you to use your skills and explore an already-organized system to manage your daily business activities.

Website link : www.wendys.com


2- Taco Bell

taco bell

Number of outlets : 7,000

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $750,000

Franchise category : Restaurants

Why Taco Bell for your franchise investment?

Offering the best Mexican-inspired cuisines- get an access to their ready-made traditional units and training sessions to better-perform and accommodate multiple sales orders from the very first day.

Website link : www.tacobell.com


3- Zoup


Number of Outlets : 100+

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $372,650

Franchise category : Fresh soup restaurant

Why Zoup for your franchise investment?

With an ability to run a single and multiple units- Zoup is allowing its franchise owners to offer quality, satisfaction and convenience services that are needed for running a successful franchise business in the U.S.

Website link : www.zoupfranchise.com


4- Cold Stone Creamery


Number of Outlets : 1000 (United States) and 300 (Worldwide)

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $261,125

Franchise category : Ice cream parlor

Why Cold Stone Creamery?

Have you ever been affiliated with an ice-cream parlor, or dreamt of opening one- then this can be the time to do so. Expanded its menu to cookie sandwiches, smoothies, shakes and iced or blended coffee drinks, you can be a part of this consistently recognized company rated by Entrepreneur, QSR and Restaurants & Institutions.

Website link : www.coldstonecreamery.com


5- Snap-on


Number of Outlets : 4,200

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $169,000

Franchise category : Automotive

Why name Snap-on for your Franchise?

Apart from offering financing programs (Snap-on credit) to meet your initial investment needs, Snap-on will allow you sell their own manufactured products and target a niche market.

Website link : www.store.snapon.com


6- Supercuts


Number of Outlets : 2600

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $150,000

Franchise category : Fashion hair salon

Why Supercuts for your franchise investment?

With the increasing demand of fashion and grooming among people, Supercuts franchise will give you an opportunity to invest in a bull market.

Website link : www.supercutsfranchise.com


7- Century 21


Number of Outlets : 7,400

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $117,906

Franchise category : Real estate

Why Century 21 for your Franchise investment?

Identified as the most recognized name in the real-estate- Century 21 will automatically make your listings be visible among potential audience via online directories and social media platforms.

Website link : www.century21.com


8- Seva Beauty

seva beauty

Number of Outlets: 189

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $114,650

Franchise category : Beauty & Spa

Why Seva Beauty for your franchise investment?

Offering two format franchise opportunity (Seva Express and Seva Spa)- Seva Beauty will allow you to easily build your franchise by allowing you an immediate access to their innovative Spa-in-a-Box logistics system, all the way with a grand opening.

Website link : www.sevabeauty.com


9- Anytime Fitness


Number of Outlets : 3000

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $100,000

Franchise category : Fitness

Why Anytime Fitness for your franchise investments?

If fitness is your passion then why not convert your passion into a business? This franchise opportunity can be given a 100% value to your time commitment and investments.

Website link : www.anytimefitnessfranchise.com


10- Little Caesars


Number of Outlets : 4000+

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $100,000

Franchise category : Pizza restaurant

Why Little Caesars for your franchise investment?

Being one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the U.S. – Little Caesars franchise will automatically help your attract audience who won’t mind spending at your store to ensure the finest quality of their favorite pizzas.

Website link : www.littlecaesars.com

List of Medium franchise investment opportunities($51,000-$99,000)

11- System4


Number of Outlets : 28

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $86,000

Franchise category : Facilities Services

Why System4 for your franchise investment?

Apart from allowing to start a business without the need of hiring employees, System4 also offers a step-by-step proven training method and user-friendly technology for running a smooth franchise business.

Website link : www.system4usa.com


12- The UPS Store


Number of Outlets : 4700

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $60,000

Franchise category : Retail & Franchising Mail services

Why UPS Store for your franchise investment?

If printing, packing, and shipping are your interests, then there will be no better franchise investment opportunity than The UPS Store. Offering a training program, you can benefit a long-term franchise investment plan.

Website link : www.theupsstore.com

List of Low franchise investment opportunities ($50,000-$98,000)

13- SportClips

sport Clips

Number of Outlets : 1600

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $59,500

Franchise category : Hair Salon

Why Sport Clips for your franchise investment?

With hair care industry estimated to be a $65 billion, imagine the amount of opportunity Sport Clips can offer you considering the constantly increasing number of population.

Website link : www.sportclipsfranchise.com


14- Home Instead


Number of Outlets : 1000+

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $55,000

Franchise category : Senior Care service

Why Home Instead for your Franchise Investment?

If you are looking to invest in a franchise that works for a great cause, then Home Instead will be your best decision.

Website link : www.homeinstead.com


15- ColorGLo International

ColorGLo International

Number of Outlets : 1100

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $50,000

Franchise category : Color restoration & Repairs

Why ColorGlo International for your franchise investment?

An ideal opportunity for investors who would like to use their creativity with low overheads. This means will no direct competition you will be trained with patented methods and attract maximum returns from your franchise investment.

Website link : www.colorglo.com


16- Massage envy

Massage envy

Number of Outlets : 1,170

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $45,000

Franchise category : Massage & Skin therapy

Why Massage Envy for your franchise investment?

Regular massage and facial care being one of the hottest activity for people across the globe, Massage Envy can be your ideal franchise investment to capitalize on the unprecedented growth and demand.

Website link : www.massageenvy.com

List of Very-low franchise investment opportunities(below $49,000)

17- Weed Man

Weed Man

Number of Outlets : 150+

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $43,700 (single territory) $58,540 (double territory)

Franchise category : Lawn care services

Why Weed Man for your franchise investment?

With gardening being one of the most popular activities in the United States, get a chance to be a part of the most demanding service with localized training and connection with their communities.

Website link : www.weedmanusa.com


18- Human Bean

Human Bean

Number of Outlets : 64

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $20,000

Franchise category : Coffee shop

Why Human Bean for your franchise investment?

With no prior experience required, investing in the Human Bean franchise will save you from the royalty and marketing fees and improve profit ratios for your franchise business.

Website link : https://goo.gl/hrAFFp


19- Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Number of Outlets : 1,500

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $30,000

Franchise category : Bakery & Donut

Why Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Diner for your franchise investment?

Established in the year 1998, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels has come a long with good word of mouth and can be an ideal franchise investment for you to of their ever-growing franchise system.

Website link : www.auntieannesfranchising.com

List of low-budget franchise investment opportunities

20- Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations

Number of Outlets : 1100

Minimum investment to start this franchise : $9,800

Franchise category : Cruise service

Why Dream Vacations for your franchise investment?

Offering a work-from-home capability, Dream Vacations can be the most relaxed franchise investment idea to run along with other businesses.

Website link : www.cruiseone.com

Please note : The above-mentioned costs are approximate figures and can be revised by the brand as per their business policy.
Source used :

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Thinking of a Franchise, do you qualify for an E-2 Visa?

Written by admin on August 3, 2017


Hey, are you working for a business that has a trade relationship with the United States? Then, I’m sure your company is enjoying the benefits of earning in dollars and offering you a good income.

However, did you ever think of planning to take a step further; start a business of you own in the United States? And, with Franchise investment being one of the hottest topics in the US, why not make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Working or owning a company that has a direct connection with the US, you automatically qualify in applying for an “E-2 Visa,” which is also known as “E-2 Treaty Investor Visa” and “Investor Visa.”

What investors need to know about E-2 visa?


E-2 visa is not something new, however for those who are not known to it you can take the benefit of it to start a business and increase chances of becoming a U.S. citizen.

An ideal option for start-ups, and big investors- an E-2 Visa which has to be renewed every two or more (depending on country and origin); can allow you perform your entrepreneurial dream in the United States for the rest of your life.

Eligibility for E-2 visa

– If you must be a citizen of the treaty countries.

– If you are owning 50% of your existing the business in the treaty country.

– If you have sufficient investment in hand to run and manage your new business/franchise.

– If you ascertain your business will generate more income than simply earning income for you and your family.

– If you have the skill to develop and run the business/franchise.

Steps to apply for an E-2 visa


1- Fill the application

  • Complete the nonimmigration Form DS-160
  • Upload your picture

2-Schedule your interview

  • Grab your appointment time

3- Prepare yourself for the interview

  • Pay application fee (Issuance fee)

4- Gather your documents

  • Passport
  • Nonimmigration Form DS- 160 confirmation page
  • Application fee receipt statement
  • If failure in uploading photo it is recommended to carry one as per photo size requirements
  • Nonimmigrant Treaty Trade/Investor visa application
  • For additional documents and requirements visit the website please visit https://www.usembassy.gov/, from where you will apply for the Visa.

5- Attend the Visa Interview

6- Enter the United States

Key benefits of E-2 Visa for franchise investments

– Get a chance to own a franchise from popular brands that include McDonald’s and Burger King.

– No eligibility on the initial investment, as long as, you can run and manage the franchise.

– Can invite friends and family on the basis of E-2 dependent visa.

Children invite your children under 21, as well as, they can enrol for the school of their choice.

Closing paragraph

Considered to be one of the most beneficial visa applications for entering The United States, E-2 Visa can surely encourage more and more aspiring investors from across the globe to invest and grow their business/franchise smoothly.

Happy Immigration!!


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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Can purchasing an already existing franchise be a good investment?

Written by admin on August 2, 2017


purchase franchiseLike any other aspiring entrepreneur with a good amount of capital in hand, you might be looking for investment choices.

Now, if you are stuck thinking about the risk involved in starting a new business, why not invest in a business that is already up-and-running?

Franchise investment is the answer!

I’m sure you are aware of popular brands that are looking for franchise investors to expand and grow their brand presence across the globe. Some of the most popular franchise in the US include names like KFC, SUBWAY, and Burger King.

You may have come across multiple articles covering the process of applying for a new franchise, but have you ever thought of investing in an already existing Franchise?

Yes, you’ve heard it correct!

But, how?

There are chances when an existing franchise owner may give up either because, either the concerned person:

– Has run the franchise for many years and wants to retire

– Don’t have a person/children behind to take over the franchise

– Franchise not making profits

The first two reason are digestible and can be an ultimate franchise investment opportunity for you, however, in the case of the third scenario you may may want to do your homework.

Three things you need to ask yourself before investing in an already existing Franchise

1- The key reason why the franchise is giving up.

2- The demand for products offered by the franchise.

3- The impact of sales as per the location, like are there more competitors involved within the span of years?

Three key benefits of investing in an existing Franchise

1- Staff

Buying an existing franchise will automatically give you access to experienced staff who are already in sync with customers in that location. Therefore, you will automatically eliminate the hassle of training them.

2- Inventory

Second, as the business is already in existence you may be lucky enough to have organized inventory in hand, unlike when applying for a new franchise.

3- Existing customer base

Lastly, the existing franchise may have already developed a good relationship with customers around at the location, hence you can improve their experience and make them your loyal ones.

Closing paragraph

Obviously,you will have to make a purchase price, like some franchisors may allow you to assume the existing franchise agreements until its expiration, while some may ask you to enrol for a new franchise agreement.

To make your decision and evaluation easy, it is always suggested to involve a Franchise Advisory because they’ll make it easy for you to understand the situation, as well, as guide you through the funding process and documentation requirements for taking over the franchise.

Best of Luck!!

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Steps of franchise investment process for better insights!

Written by admin on July 7, 2017

franchise investment process

As per Franchise Business Outlook Jan 2017, the number of franchise establishments grew 1.7% in 2016 and is expected to increase by 1.6% in this year 2017.

Loose not more time in being a part of the ever-growing franchise business opportunities in the US.

Thing you need to keep in mind before starting a franchise

Simply having sufficient funds is not enough to make your entrepreneurial dream come true! And, with Franchise establishments being one of the most trending investments in the United States of America, I’m sure you would like to make yours a success.

So, how can you do so?

Tip 1- Think within your franchise budget available

There are multiple franchise options that may attract you and even tempt you to raise more capital for purchasing it. However, it is always suggested to explore franchise opportunities as per your capital in hand.

Trick: The best way is to understand your net worth for purchasing a franchise, which means you can add an approximate assets and liabilities requirements. The amount between the two is the budget- the foremost thing- what you should keep in mind while selecting a franchise.

Tip 2- Be confirmed with the type of franchise

With restaurants, eatery, café’s and even real estate being some major choices for a franchise investment in the United States, it can be tempting in selecting the one that is long-established for e.g. Starbucks. This can be a blind call as you may think big brands will churn you better profits which may not be true.

Trick: Doing what you know the best will surely take you a long way, therefore, instead of focusing on leading Franchisors, why not focus on the one that matches your skills/lifestyle. This will not only make it an exciting opportunity for you to run the franchise but also allow you use your talent to grow your franchise business in long run.

Tip 3- Research about your Franchisor

A popular brand having chain of stores can be an immediate choice for your franchise investment, however, even a good brand name can have flaws that can include restriction of products, franchisor violation, geographical location, and more.

Trick: A franchise advisory may not be able to disclose the earning-related figures, however, upon selection of your franchise you will gain an access to Franchise Disclosure Document- offered by the Franchisor that will allow you past and exiting details to make informed decisions before purchasing it.

Tip 4- Prepare yourself for working capital and application process

Last, you would not like to overlook the importance of understanding and forecasting capital required for accumulating working capital to successfully run your franchise. Also, every franchise fundraising may have different document eligibility.

Trick: Hiring a Franchise Funding Service you automatically get an access to work with experts who are constantly assisting large investors and explore new franchise business opportunities. They can include the involvement of raising sufficient funds and walk you through the entire franchise application process to successfully start your entrepreneurial dream.

Wrapping up

I’m sure there are many resources and tools (franchise estimation calculator) over the Internet, however, considering the above mentioned tips and tricks you can reap the benefits by investing in a right franchise opportunity in the US.

All the best!!

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What you should look for in a Franchise Advisory while applying in the US?

Written by admin on July 7, 2017

franchise-advisoryWhether you are working with an International company that has trade treaty with the United States, an investor, a retired businessmen, or even, a permanent residency of the United States; applying for a franchise can be ideal returns on your investment.

However, investors with huge capital in hand wouldnot like their time and effort go in vain.

Franchise Advisory Service is allowing franchise investors adopt business opportunities based on your personal, professional, capital and lifestyle needs, instead of blindly investing in some franchise that has a reputed brand name. Such brands may have a chain of successful franchise store, however, what works for one may not work for another!

Therefore, before making your franchise investment decisions it is important you have a expertize advice. But, with so many options available in the market how can you settle with the best one?

Things that you should franchise advisor should offer:

1- Franchise choices

Firstly, if shortlisting franchise on you own- you may miss out on business opportunities that may have been more beneficial than the one you have selected.

Therefore, your franchise advisor should offer you a bunch of pre-screened franchise and business opportunities to match your financial and professional requirements.

2- Franchise process-oriented flow

Secondly, there are many formalities and legal documents involved while applying for a franchise in the US, and missing on any of those can waste your time, capital and effort too.

Franchise Advisors are regularly processing application, therefore ensure your advisorshould spare time and be ready to understand your franchise needs to optimize your research process and select the best available for you.

3- Franchise funding

Thirdly, matching the right franchise business opportunity can be a successful investment. However, with limited resources, you may end taking a wrong investment decision.

Franchise Advisors are backed up with years of experience and successful client in hand, make sure your advisor understands your business goals and offers you a list of franchise investment solution for your review.

4- Franchise launch

Last, but not the least is to understand the details of the franchisor whom you have selected. Being in the dark can bring a stop to your franchise business and you would not like to take that risk.

Therefore, your franchise advisor should allow you an ability to access materials (FDD) and information about the Franchisor to make informed decisions and even provide insights to secure proper initial funding needed for the launch of your franchise

Wrapping up

A franchise business owner represents a large investment of their life and hope it to be a profitable idea. Instead of hoping, why not increase the chances of financial well-being and business opportunities by adopting a franchise advisor.

Whether you are an investor with minimal employees, or looking forward to raising franchise funds due to low investment, keeping in mind the above tips and appointing a franchise advisor for your investments in the US can help you make your entrepreneurial dreams come into reality.

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What is included in the Franchise Disclosure Documentation?

Written by admin on July 6, 2017

So, you have decided to invest in a business and you are looking at franchise opportunities. That’s a good decision, however, for investors with less of knowledge may end up spending more time, effort and even costs in the case of errors.

Applying for a franchise in the United States means you will have to go through some legal documentations- Franchise Disclosure Documentation (FDD) earlier which was known as (UFCO) Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.

Governed by the Federal Trade Commission Rule of 1979, FDD secures the Franchise from those Franchisors who violate the provision of FTC Franchise Rule.

As per the FTC, a potential franchise must receive the documentation at least 14 days prior to signing an agreement and paying money to the Franchisor. There are 21 items

Information that can help you make better Franchise investment:

Section 1

Get to know about your franchisor:Analyzethe history of the Franchisor

How will it help you?

These details are the most important details when it comes to understanding the costs and risks involved in purchasing the franchise.

Section 2

Get to know about the key person’s background:Analyzethe key executive’s background and performance.

How will it help you?

Understanding the operating system and management, you can strategizea customer experience and service you can offer.

Section 3

Get to know about if any legal issue: Get a transparency about criminal charges and performance.

How will it help you?

Getting a chance to know about any Franchise violation in the past will help you understand better whether they are capable of making payments by tracking their past records.

Section 4

Get to know about their credit status: You will be able to access details related to the bankruptcy, including the executives.

How will it help you?

Understanding the credibility of the franchisor, you can forecast whether they will be able to offer product and services as it promises.

Section 5

Get to know about the franchising fee: The costs involved in running a franchise that includes deposits, initial inventory, advertising, and royalties.

How will it help you?

Having an approximate figure in mind can help you realize whether it’s the right franchise that you will invest in.

Section 6

Get to know about additional fees: The cost that will be involved in executive training and management.

How will it help you?

Having a forecast about the ongoing expenses for running the franchise can help you realize whether you will be able to manage the franchise until profit generated.

Section 7

Get to know about your initial investment: The cost that is related to the possession of the franchise.

How will it help you?

Getting a chance to separately understand the franchise estimated fee, can help gain better insights about the overall cash flow that will be involved.

Section 8

Get to know about the eligibility of products and services: Goods and suppliers that are available to make purchases.

How will it help you?

Understanding the eligibility of products, you can make a decision as per your skills and liking for investing in a franchise.

Section 9

– Get to know your duty as a franchise: The process and management of staff that will be dependent on you.

How will it help you?

Get a chance to know whether the franchise matches your skills and will you be able to churn productivity.

Section 10

– Get to know about your financing arrangements: The documents and procedure involved in applying for the franchise.

How can it help you?

You will get to know about the required documents and application procedure for the franchise, in a full-proof way.

Section 11

– Get to know they duty of the Franchisor: Contribution that your franchisor will have to perform in return.

How does it help?

Have an ability to select a franchise that matches your interest to avoid boredom and non-performance in future.

Section 12

Get to know Territory: The area/region that is eligible to run your franchise.

How will it help you?

An opportunity to understand your eligibility to start your franchise and forecast future performance.

Section 13

Get to know trademarks: The involvement of registration details

How will it help you?

The details about registered symbol or a logo that represents the franchise and its products to get an idea about your promotional strategy.

Section 14-

Get to know their security marks: The involvement of proprietary information

How will it help you?

With the patents, copyrights, you can understand the trust factor of the franchisor and its acceptance among potential customers.

Section 15

Get to know your duties at the franchise: A description of your contribution towards the franchise.

How will it help you?

Understand your key roles and management process to make informed decisions and strategy even before you start.

Section 16

Get to know about the products and good restricted: The name of products and services that are omitted from their offering.

How will help you?

By knowing the product criteria you can forecast an inventory strategy and sales to understand the profit-loss analysis.

Section 17

Get to know about the contractual obligations: The details about the franchise agreement.

How will it help you?

Having a track of renewal, termination, repurchase, modification to the franchise rights, you can prepare your business strategy.

Section 18

Get to know about public figures:  The big names involved with the brand

How will it help?

The franchisor, of course, gets the benefit of this, however, as a franchise you can use it as your promotional strategy.

Section 19

Get to know about the earnings: The average income, gross income, net profits, geographical location relevance

How will it help you?

Understanding this, you can make an informed decision based on facts and get a chance to forecast your growth opportunities too.

Section 20

Get to know about the franchise outlets: The selection of location as per franchise possession status

How will it help you?

Terminated, cancelled and non-renewed franchise can be a troublemaker for you, therefore having detailed information about the franchise location will help you decide better.

Section 21

Get to know about the financial statements: The financial status present and past

How will it help you?

This will help you to gain insights about the franchisor’s financial stability in the previous years, therefore you can analyze performance and invest in the best one.

Section 22

Get to know about the contracts:  The involvement of renewal and expiration

How will it help you?

Such information becomes very important to eliminate the risk of getting into legal charges for non-renewal of contracts.

Section 23

Get to know about the acknowledgment of receipts: The ability to get a confirmation of the franchise purchase.

How will it help you?

This will offer details about the franchise ownership, which becomes very important to get an approval after planning and spending your investment.

Closing note

From the above 21 section highlight details about the Franchisor, however, section 19 can be an optional disclosure under the FTC rule and State FDDs and section 20 that discloses about the list of franchises may not disclose the transfer and sales details.

Whether your decision is to start you own business or make an investment, having an idea about FDD will surely help you make informed Franchise investment in the US.

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Franchise Funding Service to make your dreams come true in the US

Written by admin on July 6, 2017

Franchise Funding Service to make your dreams come true in the US
Are you one of them who have been trying to accumulate finance from multiple sources for a single investment- applying for a franchise of your own in the US?

Still Trying?

Investors with a huge investment in hand may also be struggling in meeting a franchise investment expectation due to a process involved.

Whether you are looking to borrow money from the market, or you are a big investor not being able to raise accurate funds can hamper your dreams of starting a franchise business of your own in the United States.

Franchise Funding services a boon to Investors

Realizing the cost involved in applying for a franchise, many investors may overlook the requirement of paying additional to financial services just because a commission is involved. However, Franchise Funding service is all-together a different source of funding.

With a focus on providing franchise financial solutions, such business funding services have come a long way with years of dedication and expertise.

Benefits of Franchise Funding Service

Unlike banks and financial institutions that focus on multiple funding solution types, Franchise Funding Service can be an ideal for all sized investors who wish to own a store that is affiliated with a popular brand name.

What can you expect?

1- An ability to reach multiple finance solutions from one place

Get a chance to connect with like-minded experts who are already aware of offering a franchise and business capitalization. You may get some best option from multiple financial resources, however, choosing an expert/consultant to the same industry may provide you help you make informed decisions and your entrepreneurial dream come true.

2- Reduce research time and waste of costs

Instead of running from one banking institution to another, and spending days increasing confusion in mind, why not adopt a single consultant to understand, as well as, help explore new opportunities?Franchise Advisory servicesare becoming cost-effective business opportunity resources for investors who are looking for an easy-to-adopt and organized workflow to improve your future income stability.

3- Familiar with franchise investment terminology andFDD documentation

It does not matter if you are a new investor or a business owner new to the franchise investment. However, not being able to understand the requirement and details about the Franchisor, a franchise investor may end making a non-profitable investment. Gaining insights from industry experts can give you save the hassle of being stuck with a terminology or missing on documentation required for applying for a franchise business.

4- Offer optional financial solutions

Franchise Funding services will first understand your franchise investment and then match funding opportunities which can include the below:

Equity Funding

This will offer a line of credit (mortgage/sale of your property) for which you will be able to raise additional funds to match your franchise investment purpose.

Self-Directed 401(K)

This can be an ideal option for franchise investors because it will allow franchise investors to raise capital that is interest-free.

401(K) IRA Rollover

This will allow you use your retirement dollars without tax or penalty, which means it not a loan, neither you are borrowing, nor required to pay it back.

SBA Loans

This is offered too small business owners dependent on their background. SBA Loans offered varied programs and qualification for each is different.

Unsecured line of credit

This can be an ideal for investors with low investment and succeed in obtaining business credit on behalf of their business’s reputation.

E2 Treaty Investor Visa

E2 is automatically available for investors who have a trade treaty with the US.  Considered to be one of the most common franchise investor visas, with this you can also plan for an immigration visa.

L1 Visa

L1 can be a helping hand to those investors who already working with an International company that offers Intercompany transfer. Also, your company should have related business in the United States.

EB- 5 Immigrant Investor Visa

EB-5 can be the best option for large investors, who can also apply for a green card and be eligible to hire 10 full-time employees.

5- Free services and support

Working with aspiring investors of all shapes and sizes, the experts at Franchise Funding Services regularly stay updated with the latest financial solution and don’t mind offering their knowledge for free.

Closing paragraph

Best Bet Franchise Funding Service has constantly been helping investors to make the best investments in the US, and including the above-mentioned benefits investors (big or small) can surely expect to reap better franchise investment solutions right away!

Happy Franchise Investment!!

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